Indonesian Police Claim Explosion in Central Java Was Not an Acts of Terror

Indonesian Police Claim Explosion in Central Java Was Not an Acts of Terror.lelemuku.com.jpg

SEMARANG, LELEMUKU.COM - Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi, confirmed that the explosion that occurred near the Arumbara Police Dormitory on Larasati Street Number AA 12, Telukan Village, Grogol, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java, Sunday, September 25, 2022, was not related to the action. terror.

For information, the explosion occurred at around 18.00 WIB. One person who is a member of the Solo Police, Bripka Digantara Pradipta Sukoco, was injured in the incident.

Ahmad Luthfi stated that from the results of the investigation of the crime scene or crime scene carried out by the Bomb Disposal Team, a black powder was found which was suspected to be the material for firecrackers.

"So, from the TKP conducted by the Jibom Team, we found two black powder plastic bags with a size of 1 ounce, 4 empty plastic wrappers, the rest, and firecracker wicks," he told the media crew during a press conference at the Grogol Police Office, Sukoharjo, Sunday.

Ahmad Luthfi confirmed that the incident occurred in an empty yard next to the police dormitory.

From the results of the development of a temporary investigation, Ahmad Luthfi said the package came from Indramayu and was ordered on April 22, 2021. The package was ordered from CV Mandiri Sujono Indramayu with a COD or cash-on-delivery system.

"The sender of the package, with the initials S, has now been secured at (Polres) Indramayu," he said.

The recipient of the package, with the initials A in the Klaten area, has also been arrested by the Solo Police.
Member Negligence

Ahmad Luthfi explained that the police officers who were victims in the incident were known to have conducted raids about a year ago, related to an online order package containing black powder which was suspected to be the material for the firecrackers.

From the information provided by CV Mandiri Sujono, it was stated that black powder was used as an ingredient to repel rats in the Klaten area.

"That is, I confirm that the explosion in our area in the Sukoharjo area does not have an element of terror. It is suspected that it was only the negligence of members that caused the material to explode," he said.

However, to confirm the alleged negligence of the member, Ahmad Luthfi said his team would conduct further investigations. This is considering the current condition of the victim who is still injured and being treated at the hospital.

"We can't confirm that he was negligent because the victim, in this case, a member, is still in a sick condition at the hospital. When it's time we will check," he said.

According to Ahmad Lutfi, the victim's condition was 70 percent burns and there were open wounds on his legs

"The victim suffered burns by 70 percent and on the leg, there was an open wound," he said.

Ahmad Luthfi ensured that the police would investigate the case further. (Septia Ryanthie | Tempo)

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